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CCAMLR e-CDS User Manual (PDF for download)

CCAMLR’s Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS) seeks to:

  • identify the origins of Dissostichus spp. entering the markets of Contracting Parties and cooperating non-Contracting Parties (NCPs)
  • track the harvest, transhipment, landings, export and re-export of Dissostichus spp.
  • determine whether Dissostichus spp. harvested in the Convention Area was caught in a manner consistent with CCAMLR conservation measures
  • address concerns of IUU fishing relating to the threat of serious depletion of Dissostichus spp. populations, by-catch of some Antarctic species and the undermining of CCAMLR conservation measures
  • promote cooperation between CCAMLR and NCPs in respect of the voluntary implementation of the CDS.

The CDS is supported by the e-CDS, a software application implemented by CCAMLR to create, validate and store DCDs, DEDs and DREDs. In the e-CDS, e-CDS users are able to provide required data via a web-based interface, with finely controlled access rights based on the role of the e-CDS user.

The CDS is implemented in accordance with CCAMLR Conservation Measure (CM) 10-05.

CCAMLR e-CDS User Manual (1.41 MB)


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