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Adding a new importer/exporter

When completing a Dissostichus Export Document (DED), or Dissostichus Re-Export Document (DRED) at 'Step 2:Export details', new importers and exporters can be entered should they not be found in the field provided.

To do this click on ‘New’.

This will take you to

Proceed to fill out the Organisation’s Name, Previous organisation record (if updating an existing record), Address, Address country, Telephone and Fax.

Mark Status as ‘Pending approval’.

Finally, select your State as the Authorising Party and click Save.

The Secretariat will receive an automatic notification for approving the content.

You can now use the newly created organisation to complete step 2 of a DED or DRED, you do not have to wait for the secretariat to approve the organisation record.

>CCAMLR e-CDS User Manual

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