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Selecting a product type

Step 3: Fish Caught
Select a product type from the drop-down list:

Step 2: Export details
Select a product type from the drop-down list:

Frequently used examples of product types in the e-CDS are listed below:

Type code Definition Examples
FLT Fillet  
GAT Gut, tail removed  
GUT Gut removed  
HAG Head, gut removed  
HAT Head, tail removed  
HGT Head, gut, tail removed  
WHO Whole  
CHK Cheeks Cachetes, Mejillas
COL Collars Collares
TLS Tails Colas, Picos, Alas
HDS Heads Cabezas, Caras
PTN Portions Porciones, Morceau, Tranches, Trozos, Recortes
VSC Viscera Estomagos, Higados
GON Gonads Huevas, Ovas
SKN Skin  
LNS Loins Lomos
NKS Necks Cuellos


>CCAMLR e-CDS User Manual

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