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Why can't I log in to the CCAMLR website?

To log in to the website you need a valid account username as setup by your Party Administrator and the corresponding password.

The account username is typically your email address.

New users are notified via email that an account has been set up for them. A link is provided which allows new users access to the site to set a password for their account.

If you forget your password it is possible to generate a new password from where you will be prompted to type in your email address. An automated email will be sent to your email address with a link that can only be used once to login and reset your password.

If your email address and password have not changed, it is possible that your account has been "deactivated". All accounts are deactivated on 15 December each year and it is up to the Party Administrator to authorise access to members of their delegation at this time. Observer accounts may be deactivated at any time by the Secretariat.

If you think your account has been deactivated check with your party administrator or with the Secretariat. The Secretariat can only activate accounts with express permission from the relevant Party Administrator.


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