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Why do users need an account?

Certain aspects of the CCAMLR website are restricted in terms of who can access them. This restriction is managed according to users and roles.

A user is created with an email address and password (plus some other information) and assigned a security role allowing access to the secure content of the website.

Website content can be secured so it is only accessible by users of certain roles. Currently roles have been created for:

  • Staff
  • Commission
  • Scientific Committee
  • Observer
  • Acceding State
  • Party Administrator
  • Distribution List Manager

Web content that is not public (secured) can be nominated to be visible to any combination of the above roles. For example pages can be made visible to only Commission or to Commission and Scientific Committee or to all seven of the security roles - in other words the user can be in any role but must be logged in to access the content.


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