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Guide for Party Administrators: Managing access to CIRCs


CCAMLR circulars (CIRCs) are used to distribute information to Members of the Commission and Scientific Committee. Members can manage their own contact lists and notifications.

Acceding States, as Contracting Parties to the Convention, may also receive CIRCs. As with Members, Acceding States need to manage their contact lists to ensure that they have access to CIRCs.

Party Administrators control website access for other users within their Party. This includes managing distribution lists for Commission and Scientific Committee CIRCs.

Using the CCAMLR CIRC process, Party Administrators can easily view and edit who, in their Party, has access to view CIRCs and their subscription status, e.g. whether they will receive email notifications (Subscribed) or not (Unsubscribed).

Giving a user access to CIRCs

To give a user access to a CIRC, please follow the instruction for Guide for Party Administrators and CDS Contact Officers: Assigning user roles and assign either Comm Circs or SC Circs as appropriate.

Email Subscription Status

If the ‘Email Subscription Status’ of a user within a distribution list is set to Subscribed then that user will also receive circulars of that type by email. If a user exists within a distribution list but their ‘Email Subscription Status’ is Unsubscribed then that user will not receive an email notification that there is a new CIRC, but will still be able to view those circulars through the website.

Currently the email subscription can only be managed by Party Administrators; a new platform for the Circular Subscription will be launched during 2020.

To manage ‘Email Subscription Status’ of a user, please hover over Manage User Accounts on the homepage of the CCAMLR website, then hover over Manage Contact Lists. Here you will see the two subscription lists that can be managed.



To subscribe or unsubscribe a user, click the checkbox next to their name, and click either ‘Subscribe Selected’ or ‘Unsubscribe Selected’. Their subscription status will show in the Email Subscription Status column next to their name.








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