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Guide for Party Administrators: Renewing user accounts – Extend to max date only

Note: User accounts typically expire on 15 December each year and must be renewed if the account is still required. E-mail notifications will be sent to Party Administrators 21 days before an account expires to remind them to renew the account. However, if a user no longer needs access to CCAMLR website resources, Party Administrators can expire user accounts earlier.

From the 24 November (21 days prior to 15 December) Party Administrators can extend accounts into the following year. We have created a quick and easy way to Extend users for another year.

To renew an account up until the maximum allowed date:

1. When logged in to the CCAMLR website select Manage User Accounts from the top horizontal menu.


2. Click on the Party under My Parties that you wish to create a new account for. (For this example, we are using Chile). You will normally only see one Party here.


3. Find the individual user in your Party you want to renew (if the account is expired you will need to set inactive accounts to visible). To renew the account for the maximum time just hit the Extend to max button.



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