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Guide for Party Administrators: Assigning users to specific Contact Lists

1. On the CCAMLR website click on 'Manage User Accounts' at the top left of your screen and select 'Manage Contact Lists' from the drop-down menu.

Select a contact list to manage your party's access and subscriptions to that list.

e.g. Scientific Committee Circulars (SC Circs)



2. You can select users with the check box and then remove, subscribe or unsubscribe individuals from specific contact lists. You can perform the same action for multiple users at once if you select all those whose access you wish to amend.

Note, when you are managing a particular list you'll see that other lists are accessible from the left-hand navigation menu.


3. To add a new user to this contact list, scroll down until you see 'Add User to List' and use the drop-down menu showing all members of your party. Select the required individual's name and then click 'Add User'.


The role of Meeting Document Approver

The default document approver for a Member Party is the Commission main contact (Commission papers) or Scientific Committee representative (Scientific Committee and Working Group papers).


If the Party Administrator appoints another person as Document Approver, then the Commission main contact/ Scientific Committee representative will no longer have this role.

The Party Administrator can re-allocate these roles to the Commission main contact/ Scientific Committee representative in addition to the individual with the role of Document Approver.

For Parties that have no Commission main contact or Scientific Committee representative, this is the case for non-Members but can happen for Members too, the role of document approver defaults to the Party Administrator until such time as another individual is assigned that role by the Party Administrator.



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