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A. Introduction to e-groups and definitions of terms


The CCAMLR e-groups facility has been established to foster improved collaboration amongst intersessional working groups. CCAMLR e-groups is built using open source tools and is hosted by the CCAMLR Secretariat.  The basic structure of each e-group provides:

  • Topics - a forum for discussion between Members of the group on various Topics   
  • Notebooks - collaboration on documents and other information to be shared in a Notebook


An e-group is a collection of users all having the ability to access and contribute to Topics and Notebooks as a means of collaborating intersessionally. Members of an e-group may be notified whenever content is added or changed. Most e-groups are 'closed' in that access is by invitation only. However, e-groups can be set as 'open' by the owner such that anyone with a CCAMLR login can join.


A Topic is a dynamic discussion amongst Members of the e-group on a particular subject or topic. The thread is made up of a series of comments in chronological order that are attributed to the Member of the e-group that posted them.   When a new Comment is posted, an email notification can be sent to alert either all, or some, of the e-group that there is a new contribution to the discussion.


Each Notebook is made up of Book Pages and is a way of creating a more permanent information resource for each e-group.  The way in which the Notebooks are used will probably differ between e-groups. For example, a Notebook could contain documents that Members of the e-group consider to be relevant to the work of the e-group. This might include attaching information papers, code or data files to a page and providing a description on the each page itself. 

Another option might be to have a Notebook that forms the basis of the report of the e-group, perhaps by having a page for each section and inviting Members of the e-group to contribute text to various pages.  As with the Topic discussion threads, an email notification can be sent to alert either all, or some, of the e-group to let them know when a new contribution has been placed in the Notebook.

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