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A. Introduction to e-groups and definitions of terms


The CCAMLR e-groups facility was established to foster improved collaboration among intersessional working groups. A new version of the system was rolled out in 2019. The system is built using open source tools and is hosted by the CCAMLR Secretariat.

Each e-group includes a forum for discussion between users of the group on various topics.


An e-group is a collection of users all having the ability to access and contribute to forum topics as a means of collaborating intersessionally. Users of an e-group can be notified via email whenever content is added or changed.

E-groups have an owner (known as the Group Manager) and most e-groups are ‘open’ to anyone with a CCAMLR login to join. There are also moderated groups, which can be read by anyone, but only members of that group can contribute. Closed groups can be seen in the groups list but are not accessible unless you are an approved member. You can contact the Secretariat for assistance to join a closed group.


A topic is a discussion among users of the e-group on a specific subject. Each topic is made up of a series of comments in chronological order. Comments are attributed to the user of the e-group that posted them. Whenever a new comment is posted, users of the e-group receive an email notification that there is a new contribution to the discussion. New activity will also appear in the user’s Notification Centre.



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