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B. Getting started in e-groups

Accessing the CCAMLR e-groups site

CCAMLR e-groups can be found at

You can access the e-groups site by first logging into the CCAMLR website with your username and password. Then click on the CCAMLR e-groups link at the bottom of the screen to take you directly to the e-groups site. You can also paste the above URL into your browser once you have logged into the CCAMLR website.

If you do not have a login for  please contact your CCAMLR Party Administrator. If you do not have contact details for your CCAMLR Party Administrator, please contact the Secretariat at for further information.

Accessing your groups

There are a few ways to access your groups. You can go through the links to individual groups on the landing page (also known as All Groups) or click the My Groups tab to get a list of groups that you are a member of. The list showing All Groups is sorted alphabetically and the My Groups list is sorted by the most recent activity.

Image: Groups list

Click on a group name to get a feed of recent activity associated with that e-group (not available for closed groups unless you are a member). You can click on the Topics tab to get a full list of the group’s topics. Scroll down the list to find the topic you are interested in and click the topic’s title to access the discussion. You can also create a topic here.

Image: A group’s activity feed, with the Topics tab indicated

Alternatively, if you receive a notification of a recent post to a group, there will be a link in the email that will take you directly to the topic that has been updated.

Image: Email notification

The Notification Centre located within the e-groups platform will also alert you to new comments and topics in your groups. You can click on each notification to be taken directly to the comment/topic.

Image: Notification Centre alerts

Viewing members

You can access a list of group members by clicking the Members tab when you are viewing a specific group. The Member list will display a photograph and workplace/Party association for all users. Any Group Managers will also be easily identifiable.

Image: Member list

Joining an e-group

You can join any open e-group by clicking on the e-group title and then clicking the Join button at the top right of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm your selection.

Image: Click the Join button to join an open group

You can join a moderated group in the same way, however, you will not be able to contribute to any topics until your membership is approved by the Group Manager.

You may be invited to join a closed e-group via email or alternatively you can contact the Secretariat for further guidance about joining a closed group.


Image: Top level tabs in e-groups


The Groups tabs lists all e-groups. You can access these e-groups by clicking on their titles. Some groups may be closed and require an invitation to join (see Joining an e-group above).


The Search tab allows you to search by Content (topics and comments) or Group by typing your search words into the search bar. It searches Content by default, so if you want to search for Groups make sure to switch to the Groups tab.

Image: Search function



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