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B. Getting started in e-groups (access, profiles, members)

Accessing the CCAMLR e-groups site

CCAMLR e-groups can be found at 

Your email  address and CCAMLR website password are used to log-in to CCAMLR e-groups. Some e-groups are accessible by invitation only so access is not automatic. However, there are a number of open groups which anyone with a CCAMLR login can elect to join.

If you do not have a login for  please contact your CCAMLR  Party Administrator. If you do not have contact details for your CCAMLR Party Administrator contact the Secretariat  at for further information.

User interface

Once you have logged in, you will be directed to a page which provides a list of e-groups that you are a member of plus any groups that are open to all who have a CCAMLR user account.  The three main sections on this page are: Dashboard, Groups and Members.

Accessing a particular e-group

Clicking on a Group in My Groups will take you to a list of discussion threads (Topic tab) associated with that e-group.   Alternatively, if you receive a notification of a recent addition to a group, there will be a link in the email that will take you directly to the Topic or Notebook that has been updated.


Joining an e-group

You may be invited to join a closed e-group via email, in which case you follow the link provided. You can join any open e-group by opening the e-group, clicking on the 'Membership' menu link at the top left of the screen (see below) and then selecting 'Join this group'. You will be prompted to confirm your selection.




The Dashboard lists all recent activity in the CCAMLR e-groups that you belong to.  


The Directory and My Groups tabs list the e-groups you belong to. You can access these e-groups by clicking on their titles.


The Members tab will take you to a page that lists the members of your e-group.  You can access the threads they post by clicking on their name or photo. You can also see the e-groups they belong to and access these from the right-hand text box.

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