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C. Contributing to discussions and notebooks

Contributing  to a e-group discussion

You can contribute to an existing Topic by clicking on the title of the topic and typing your comment in the comment box.  You can then choose to send an email notification that you have added a new comment, either to selected e-group members or all e-group members.  If you do not select either option, no email notification will be sent. 

To complete the posting (including sending notification emails) click on Save.  In the e-groups system the Save button saves/posts your comment to the e-group, if you wish to save your comment and come back to it later it may be better to do this offline, rather than posting an incomplete comment.  Only a user with Administrator privileges can edit comments after they have been posted.  

To create a new Topic for discussion, click on the Add Topic Entry box.  In general it is preferable to start a new Topic rather than to change the subject of an existing discussion thread. You can attach files to your comment.  Or alternatively you can place associated files in a Notebook.  

Contributing  to a Notebook

To create a new Notebook, or to add a page to an existing Notebook, select the Add Book page tab.

Add a title and text (including supporting information) in the body of the page.  

You can choose to create a new Notebook or add a page to an existing book by selecting from the dropdown box under book outline. Attach any files that might be associated with the book page.

As with the Topics page, you can choose to notify individual e-group members, or all e-group members, that you have added a new Notebook page prior to clicking the Save button.

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