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How to submit a meeting document

An online document submission facility is provided for each meeting. As of May 2015, this is the required method for submitting meeting documents.

Documents can be submitted by any authenticated user. A notification will be sent to the respective Commission Main Contact (Commissioner), Scientific Committee Representative or other document approver as appropriate. They are required to endorse the submission before it can be posted on the CCAMLR website.

Preparing your document for submission

The old Word document submission form (for all working groups) should no longer be used. A cover page is automatically generated from information you enter into the following fields: 'Title', 'Author(s)' and 'Language'.

You do not need to supply a separate cover page for your document.

The date displayed on the cover page is the date you submitted the document.

Additional metadata will be displayed on the document's webpage: 'Author(s)', 'Submitted by', 'Approved by', 'Publication details', 'Abstract'. Please complete these fields if relevant.

Title and Author: Please include these on the first page of your document. It makes it easier for us to match the generated cover page to the correct document.

Abstract: Copying the abstract into this field during submission will make it available to the public on the document's webpage following the conclusion of the Meeting. It will not appear in the PDF file for download/printing unless it is included in the document submitted.

Submitting your document

1. Open the relevant meeting page on the CCAMLR website. Meetings are listed in the left-hand menu of the Meetings page.


Recent and upcoming meetings can also be accessed via the footer of the main CCAMLR website.

2. On the meeting page, click on the 'Submit Now' link next to the 'Submissions Due' date for the relevant paper. This will automatically define the paper type (working group paper, working paper, background paper).


3. Enter the document title, author(s), publication details (if accepted for publication elsewhere) into the appropriate fields, paying attention to the required formats as outlined beneath each field.

The preferred author format for Commission and Scientific Committee papers is ‘Delegation of …’; for working group papers, provide the initial, then family name, e.g. J. Smith.

Note: The old Word document submission form (for all working groups) should no longer be used.

4. The document type is automatically selected based on the meeting to which you are submitting. If you find the paper type is incorrect, go back to the meeting web page and ensure you click the 'Submit now' link which corresponds to your paper type.

5. Select the agenda item to which the document relates from the drop-down menu. If the document relates to more than one agenda item, click the ‘Add another item’ button and again, select the item from the drop-down menu. At this point you can also submit your paper to another meeting.

If you submit this document to more than one meeting, the first agenda item you choose will determine the ‘main’ meeting. For example, if you submit a Scientific Committee background paper (BG) that will also be tabled at the Commission meeting, be sure to pick the Scientific Committee agenda item first, even though the Commission agenda items appear first in the list. This order will determine the document number the Secretariat assigns to your paper.

6. Copy and paste your abstract into the ‘Abstract’ field, making sure to use only plain text (to avoid formatting issues in html). Copying text from Word into Notepad and then into the ‘Abstract’ field will achieve this.



7. Browse for your document files and upload them via the ‘PDF File’ and ‘Working File’ fields. PDF, Word and Excel file types can be submitted. The minimum requirements are:

  • Working group papers – submitted as an unlocked PDF file; Word documents are optional but recommended for archiving purposes
  • Background papers – submitted as an unlocked PDF file; Word documents are optional but recommended for archiving purposes
  • Working papers – submitted as an unlocked PDF file and as a Word document (for translation purposes)
  • Revisions to any papers – submitted as an unlocked PDF file and as a Word document showing track-changes (for further instructions see the Document revisions support topic).

Note: each field will only accept files of the specified type.


8. If your paper is to be considered for publication in CCAMLR Science, check the box labelled as such near the bottom of the page.


9. In some instances your document may have been allocated a number prior to submission. If this is the case, enter that number in the field ‘Additional Information for the Secretariat’.

10. You will be asked to choose which Delegation is responsible for approving the release of this document if it is requested by an external user. The field defaults to the Party of the user submitting the document. You can change this if required. If you are submitting a Working or Background Paper to the Commission or Scientific Committee meetings you can also tick that you consent to the paper being released upon request.

11. Click the ‘Save’ button. If any required information has not been entered you will be prompted to enter it and save again.


If the submission is successful it will display on the meeting page in the ‘Meeting Documents’ tab and you will see the following message:


Your Commissioner, Scientific Committee Representative or other document approver will automatically be alerted to your submission by email.

The email provides a link to the submitted document and a facility for approving or deleting the document.

The Secretariat will process the document and make it visible to other delegations after the document has been approved.

If you have a document approver role and submit a document yourself, you can immediately save it as 'Party approved, pending Secretariat review'. The Secretariat will then begin processing your document.

Note: Individuals from your delegation will be able to see your draft document. People from other delegations will not be able to see it until it has been processed by the Secretariat.

If you need to revise a paper please follow these instructions.

If you have further questions about submitting meeting documents you can contact the Secretariat.


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