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Guide for Party Administrators: Managing Inspectors

As the list of inspectors changes over time, inspectors should be added and removed (by deactivating them).

Changing an inspector

Inspector details should NOT be changed. Only in the rare event, when an inspector changes their details, should an inspector name be changed using 'Edit'.

WARNING - Each inspector's name may be linked to other data such as a vessel inspection report. It is important not to replace an inspector using the 'Edit' link but instead add the new inspector and remove the old inspector.

Adding an new inspector to the list

Click on the Add Vessel Inspector link at the top of the list of vessel inspectors.

Complete the details as much as known. The address, phone and email address are provided to assist members keep track of their inspectors especially in the case of two inspectors having the same name. The email address may be useful for contacting inspectors in the future but is currently not used. Inspectors are different from other website users in that they do not have a web account.

Removing an inspector from the list

To remove an inspector from the list, click on the 'Edit' link next to an inspector and uncheck the 'Active' checkbox.

If you do not see an 'Edit' link or the 'Add Vessel Inspector' link on the list of inspectors, then you do not have permission to manage inspectors. This function is only available to Party Administrators.


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