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The Secretariat has developed a system for sharing and contributing to Meeting Report Text. To ensure that all text reaches the Secretariat, delegates are asked to use this system.

Delegates are reminded that the system is not intended to completely replace face-to-face interactions during the meeting. There is often value in speaking with rapporteurs and Chairs to clarify issues or to discuss content they wish to be included in the meeting report.

This document describes the use of the Meetings section of the CCAMLR website.

The system supports various stages associated with the preparation of report text.


Rapporteur uploads Version 1 of Report Text and makes available to all participants for review within the review period


Chair reviews and approves Version 1 of the Report Text


Secretariat processes approved Report Text and marks as ready for adoption


Substantial comments only may be incorporated pending advice from Chair

How to access the system

The meetings section is accessible from: Select the appropriate meeting from the ‘Recent and Upcoming Meetings’ list.

Access is limited to registered meeting participants for the duration of a particular meeting. 

Terms used

The following terms are used throughout the meetings section and have particular meaning in this context:

Comments – These are comments from delegates, entered via the meeting server and relating to specific versions of text. Delegates should also use the Comments facility to submit their attributed statements. Rapporteurs are alerted to each comment via email.

Supplementary documents – This is content supplied by delegates to be included in the meeting report and includes presentations, figures and tables.

Rapporteur – The person assigned to take notes in particular sessions of the meeting. The rapporteur drafts text, which reflects the discussion, to be included in the meeting report. Rapporteurs liaise with delegates and the meeting Chair prior to submitting text to the Secretariat. For each session there is generally a lead rapporteur and one or more supporting rapporteurs.

Reviewer – A person assigned by the rapporteur (by prior agreement) to review the rapporteur’s text prior to submission to the chair.

Version – Report text for particular agenda items may go through several iterations prior to submission to the Secretariat for inclusion in the meeting report. Versions are assigned numbers by rapporteurs.


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