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Making contributions and sharing information (video included – 1:46 min)

Duration – 1:46. Closed captions available (click on the 'CC' button when hovering over the video).

Contributed files from participants can come in many forms such as tables, figures and presentations. Unlike comments, contributed files are specific to the agenda item and do not relate to individual versions of the report text. As such, a contributed file can be uploaded to the Meeting Server prior to the report text being available.

You are able to upload numerous file types that other participants can access for the duration of the meeting as a way of sharing information.


To submit a contributed file, navigate to the appropriate meeting on the Meeting Server, click the ‘Report Text’ tab and select the agenda item that your contribution relates to.


Click the ‘Contributed Files’ tab and then click the ‘Add a File’ button.


From here you will be able to upload your file to the Meeting Server. A list of allowed file types can be viewed under 'More Information'. If your file type is not listed, you can ‘zip’ your file to allow it to be uploaded.


Please make sure to add any relevant notes in the space provided.

Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen to submit your file. The Rapporteur for that particular agenda item will receive an email to alert them to your contribution.



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