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Creating Report Text (Rapporteurs only) (video included)

Duration – 3:19. Closed captions available. Please disregard the section discussing review periods, reviewers visibility and translation options (see orange text below).

Rapporteurs are responsible for preparing and uploading report text to the Meeting Server for their allocated agenda items. Only Rapporteurs and Conveners have been granted the access permission to carry out this task. You can check the Rapporteur assignments by viewing the meeting agenda.


Instructions on how to comment on text and submit contributed files can be found in their respective support topics.

To add report text, navigate to the appropriate meeting on the Meeting Server, select the ‘Report Text’ tab and click on the required agenda item.


If report text already exists for that agenda item you will see it listed in the table, along with its version number, status, a link to download the text and the time it was posted.


Click the ‘Add New Report Text’ button to start the process of submitting your document. Alternatively, if you wish to upload a new version of report text that has already been submitted, click the 'Add new version of this text' button.

Attach your draft report text in Word format. Name the file according to the meeting name, agenda item and version (e.g. fsa item 3.1 v1).


Assign a version number as appropriate. For example, if this is the initial draft of your report text it will be Version 1.


Select the status based on whether the text is still in progress or ready for the Convener or Chair to sign off.


The CCAMLR Secretariat is currently reviewing the functionality of the Meeting Server. The section below (orange text) will be removed in the next version. Please ignore these steps as we transition. 

You can assign a reviewer for your draft report text, which limits the visibility to only rapporteurs, the reviewer and the Convenor or Chair. Working Groups do not allocate anyone the task of reviewing report text so there is no need to assign someone to this role for Working Group meetings.

A deadline for the reviewing period can be specified, indicating the ability of a rapporteur to effectively incorporate comments into the text. Use your discretion to set an appropriate time frame. The deadline is a recommendation only and the item will not close to comments once the set time has passed.



Finally, choose what level of visibility you would like to allow. Selecting ‘Limited’ visibility means only the Rapporteur, Reviewer and Convener or Chair are able to view the report text. For Working Groups we recommend you leave the default setting of ‘All’.


You can ignore the translation options and simply click ‘Save’ to submit your report text.

Note: If report text already exists for an agenda item you will be prompted with an alert at the top of the screen.


You will be directed back to the agenda item so you can choose to add a new version of this text instead. You must use this option to submit new versions of your report text unless you are providing a new contribution to the agenda item such as tables or figures.

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