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D. Archiving of e-groups

In September each year, CCAMLR Secretariat will review e-group activity and send out a notice to Members prior to the meetings of the Commission and Scientific Committee advising of e-groups with no new activity (no activity since the close of the last CCAMLR meeting, at 1 November the previous year) or that have otherwise been closed.

Members and/or the Commission/Scientific Committee should advise if any of the flagged e-groups need to remain, otherwise we will archive any e-group that hasn’t had any new comments or topics for twelve months or more. The e-groups will be available to search but will be hidden from view and locked for editing. They may be re-instated as active e-groups at any time by request.

Members and/or the Commission/Scientific Committee should also indicate if, of the remainder, there are any that should be archived now. There remains the opportunity, as always, for the Commission/Scientific Committee to nominate new e-groups at any time.



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