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Guide for Party Administrators and CDS Contact Officers: Introduction

The CCAMLR online environment (website) provides access to a range of secure content and processes. These include access to:

  • meeting documents
  • circulars
  • data
  • Catch Documentation Scheme for Dissostichus (CDS)

plus approval of:

  • participation at meetings
  • documents submitted to meetings

and the ability to submit:

  • various compliance-related data associated with vessels operating in the Convention Area
  • Documentation relevant to the CDS.

These roles are all managed by the ‘Party Administrator’. The administration of the CDS can also be delegated to CDS Contact Officers.

As this role includes a number of administrative tasks, some parties have elected to delegate this responsibility to their administrative officers.

Instructions on how to use the CCAMLR website to perform the tasks of Party Administrators, such as manage user access and assign roles within your party, are included in our online support forum.

Should you need to contact the CCAMLR Secretariat for further information on the role of Party Administrator, please do not hesitate to send an email to for general enquiries or for technical assistance.



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