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Accessing meeting information


Each meeting web page contains links to all pertinent information for that meeting, such as registration, document submission, the information note, and the agenda for the meeting.

Accessing the meeting pages

There are two ways to access the meeting pages. Before accessing the meeting pages, it is important to ensure that you are logged in.

Option 1
Click on the ‘Meetings’ link to take you to a list of all upcoming meetings. Select the meeting that you wish to view from the ‘Recent and Upcoming Meetings’ list on the page or from the left-hand menu. This menu contains past meetings and related documents.

Option 2
From any page, select the desired meeting at the bottom of the page from the list underneath 'Recent and Upcoming Meetings'. Only the next four upcoming meetings will be displayed here, so if you wish to view any other meetings use Option 1 to navigate to your meeting page.

Information available on the meeting pages

Each meeting page should contain all the relevant information for a meeting. On the meeting page, information such as the location, date(s) and submission deadlines is visible. Meeting documents for consideration at the meeting are also listed on this page.

As meeting documents become available they can also be downloaded in a zip file. Please remember to refresh your browser regularly to see all uploaded documents.


To view the agenda for the selected meeting, click on ‘View Agenda’. This will take you to the most recent version of the agenda.

Each agenda item links to the annotations for that item and the specific list of documents submitted to that agenda item.

Alternatively, you can view the entire agenda with annotations. To do this, click on ‘View agenda with annotations’.

Viewing the agenda with documents

To view all the meeting documents associated with the entire agenda, click on ‘View Agenda with Documents’.

This view will show the agenda items in numerical order, along with related meeting documents.

Viewing documents with agenda items

To view the meeting documents in numerical order, with the corresponding agenda item(s), click on ‘View Documents with Agenda’. The corresponding agenda items are listed under each document.

Other information

On the right-hand sidebar of a meeting page, there are links for further information about the meeting.


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