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Registering for a meeting

Select the particular meeting of interest from the list in the Meetings section of the website.


Once on the meeting's page, click on ‘Register now’ (blue button in the top right corner).


Some fields in the registration form will be automatically filled in using your user profile information. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

Online meeting registrations are to be approved by the Party Administrator(s) before they will be accepted by the Secretariat. The Party Administrator receives an automated email immediately after an intending participant registers for a meeting. Meeting participants are notified via an automated email when their registration has been approved.


Viewing meeting registrations

To view who registered for the meeting, click on the ‘Registrations’ icon.

Information for participants/delegates

To view information such as the meeting Information Note, Letter from the Convener or reports from the previous meetings, click on 'Information for Delegates'.



Document submission information

To view the document submission guidelines, click on ‘Guidelines for the submission of papers to CCAMLR meetings'.


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    The blue button with 'register now' in the top right of the page does not appear for any of the meetings that I wish to attend (CCAMLR, SCIC and SC, all in 2022). I use Chrome. Last years it was no problem, and registering worked fine 

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