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Guide for Party Administrators: Managing access to e-groups


The CCAMLR e-groups facility was established to foster improved collaboration among intersessional working groups. A new version of the system was rolled out in 2019. The system is built using open source tools and is hosted by the CCAMLR Secretariat.

Each e-group includes a forum for discussion between users of the group on various topics.


To manage user access to e-groups

To manage users access to the e-groups, you must be logged into the CCAMLR website ( On the top toolbar, hover over ‘Manage User Accounts’. From the drop-down menu select ‘Manage Contact List’.



You will be taken to the Contact List Management page. Select the appropriate list (in this case e-groups Users).



Party Administrators manage contact lists for their own Party. The Party drop-down box displays the name of the Party being managed, as shown here:



The contact list for each Party contains members who have access to e-groups. Party Administrators have the ability to add or remove e-group users from the list at any time.

Note: Users with expired accounts will not appear on the distribution lists and will not have access to e-groups.

To add a user

To add a user, select their name from the ‘Add User to List’ drop-down menu, and click ‘Add User’. If a person does not appear in the drop-down menu it means that they are not yet a CCAMLR website user or their account has expired. They will either need to be added to the site or have their access period ‘extended’ before being added to a contact list.

To remove a user

To remove a person from the list, click the checkbox next to their name, and click ‘Remove Selected’.



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