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Supplement for virtual meetings


Ad-hoc guidelines for the virtual meetings of CCAMLR-39 and SC-CAMLR-39 have been prepared by the Chair in consultation with all delegations.

The meeting will be held virtually in Interprefy provided by Congress Rental. Detailed instructions for speakers (for CCAMLR-39 and SC-CAMLR-39) and audience members (for CCAMLR-39 and SC-CAMLR-39) have been prepared.


The virtual meetings will start at 09:00 UTC each day. The meeting session duration is 4 hours. A short 15-minute comfort break will be scheduled at 11:00 UTC.

Schedule for Commission report preparation

The rapporteurs will prepare draft text immediately after the close of each session. The Secretariat will aim to post a first version of the text on the meeting server around 16:00 UTC. This text will be available for 12 hours for all delegates to comment on the meeting server. Four hours before the start of the next session (05:00 UTC) the rapporteur will review all comments and produce a final version. Once it has been approved by the Chair this version will be posted to the meeting server as Ready for Adoption. Additional support for how to interact with the meeting server is available here.


No papers will be projected during the meeting.


The Secretariat will support the Chair during adoption of the report. During adoption, the screen will be shared in order for delegates to follow any changes made to draft text.


The report text will summarise the discussions and reflect decisions. Members are asked to refrain from making lengthy statements. However, if any statements need to be included, these can be uploaded on the meeting server under the appropriate agenda item.


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