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Submitting a research notification

1. To submit a new research notification you will find a link at

2. Find the research fishery type in the list and select Add Research Notification to submit a research notification.

For any fishery notification, Members must review the details of each vessel being notified

3. Select a vessel from the drop-down list under Member Vessel. If the relevant vessel is not listed, you can add a new vessel to the notification by selecting Add New Vessel.

4. Verify that the details of the vessel are accurate by selecting Verify Details. You will be taken to the web page for that vessel (opens in a new browser tab). To change any vessel details you will need to select the Create New Revision tab and update the vessel details as required. Click the Save button to ensure the changes are saved.

5. In addition to verifying the vessel details, the gear(s) used by the vessel for the notified fishery must also be verified/added. To do this, select the Fishing Gear tab where you will be able to add the different types of gear used by the vessel by clicking on Add Vessel Gear as shown below.

After adding the details of fishing gear press Save to return to the vessel information. After all gear has been added/verified you can close this browser tab and return to the notification.

6. To add multiple vessels select Add another vessel and follow steps 3 to 5.

7. Save the notification as a draft if you wish to return to it later by selecting the Save as Draft button at the bottom of the page. A notification that has been saved as a draft can be edited by selecting Edit Draft.

8. Once complete, submit the notification to the Secretariat by selecting the Submit Notification button.

19. Once a notification has been submitted, an email will be generated that will include the Notification ID and options for the payment of fishery notification fees.


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