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Document requests

This topic is intended to guide Document Release Managers through the process of managing document requests for their delegation.

Papers submitted to CCAMLR meetings are only visible to authenticated users with an active CCAMLR account. However, anyone can view a list of papers submitted to each meeting at the conclusion of that year's Commission meeting and read the abstract (if one exists). If someone without an active user account wishes to read the full paper they must submit a request.


In order to combat spam, a link will be sent to the requestor asking them to confirm their email address. If this confirmation link is not clicked, the request will not progress to the next stage.

Once the requestor has confirmed their email address, the request will be sent to the Document Release Manager for the authoring delegation. If there are multiple authors, the request will be sent to the Document Release Manager for the delegation identified as responsible for release at the time of submission.


The request email will identify the requestor, their email, their affiliation and reason for requesting the document. You have two options to progress this request:

  • the first link enables you to view all pending requests for your delegation, which is helpful if you have received many at once (see the Bulk Approving/Denying section further down)
  • the second link will direct you to this specific request where you can choose to approve or deny access to the paper.


You can view the requested paper by clicking the document title. Please change the Request Status to either 'Approve Request' or 'Deny Request' as appropriate. You are welcome to provide further information to the requestor by writing a comment. Click 'Submit' to complete the request.

If approved, the requestor will receive an email containing a secure link to download a PDF of the paper. The download link will expire in seven days.

You will have four weeks to action a request before it no longer appears in the list of 'Pending Requests' on the CCAMLR website. However, you can always access a specific request by clicking the link in the original email.

If you have not responded to a request within seven days of it being submitted, the requestor will receive an email alerting them that the request has timed out.

Bulk Approving/Denying

By clicking the first link in the request email to view all pending requests for your delegation, you will be directed to this screen.


A list of all pending requests will be displayed and you can tick the box next to each request you wish to action (you can also select or deselect all requests). Once you have finished selecting the requests, scroll to the top of the screen and from the dropdown box choose if you want to approve or deny the selected requests. Click 'Apply to selected items' to submit your request decision.


If you encounter any issues with document requests please contact the Secretariat.


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