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CCEP Guidelines

1. Draft CCAMLR Compliance Reports are made available to relevant Contracting Parties 75 days before the annual Commission meeting.

2. The Draft CCAMLR Compliance Report for your country is available on the CCAMLR website.

3. If a Contracting Party does not have any compliance issues nothing will be shown in the Draft Compliance Report.

4. To provide a response to a Draft CCAMLR Compliance Report, a CCEP Contact must be added by the Party Administrator through the CCAMLR website. See online support for Party Administrators for instructions.

5. Contracting Parties are required to provide a response in the Response - Contracting Party column online. To complete a response, click View in the last column.

6. You will be taken to another page where you will be able to type a response in the box Response - Contracting Party. Here you will need to include detailed information relevant to the compliance issues raised in Implementation Summary.

This may include, but is not limited to, any relevant documentary or photographic evidence demonstrating implementation of relevant conservation measures and/or specific actions taken to address any non-compliance.

7. You will need to also suggest a Preliminary Compliance Status from the drop-down list, either:

  • Compliant
  • Minor non-compliant (Level 1)
  • Non-compliant (Level 2)
  • Serious, frequently or persistently non-compliant (Level 3)
  • Additional information required
  • Need of interpretation by SCIC
  • No compliance status assigned.

8. If required, you may also include a summary of further action planned in the Further action box provided.

9. Under Additional documentation you may upload any relevant documentary or photographic evidence to support your response.

10. Once you have completed all required fields, select Save.


If further guidance is required in accessing the Compliance Report or responding to the Draft CCAMLR Compliance Report, please email


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